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What weapon am I allowed to hunt with?

You're welcome to hunt with bow, rifle, muzzleloader, or crossbow.  We have a pretty even split between bow hunters and rifle hunters.   We accomodate both.  The average shot at our bait sites is 20 yards.


What should I bring on the trip?

For more information on what should be brought on the trip, visit our Camp Information page.


How do I book a hunt?

Email or give us a call, with your date preference and we'll fit you in, without overbooking the camp. A $500.00 deposit guarantees your date and spot for the upcoming season. We have a payment schedule that our guests find helpful in their budgets.


How many people in camp at one time?

Although our camp can handle up to 12 guests per week, we like to have no more than 8-10 hunters at a time so we can provide a more personal service.


How many hunters do you take per year in your area?

In our 1,400 square miles of allocated area, we can have up to 50 guests per year. Remember, there are no other outfitters in this part of Manitoba, and no resident bear hunters. Our bears see little to no hunting pressure in their lifetime.


What do I need to cross the border heading north into Canada?

Generally a current passport and your firearm paperwork allows you smooth entry into Canada. Please call if you may have any old, past DUI or criminal issues.  


Can I bring a non-hunter with me? For example, my wife?

Absolutely!  We at BearTrack believe that hunting is a great pass time that should be shared.  A non-hunter is $50/day.  If you do not wish to share a cabin and want one for just the two of you, it is $100/day. While there's not much to do at camp when we're not in camp, most non-hunters accompany their partners to video the hunt.


What is there to do after I shoot my bear?

You are welcome to still accompany your guide on his bait runs, or video at another bait site. Fishing later on in the season is pretty good too. Boats and motors are supplied (after June 1st). 


I'm diabetic or I have a food allergy. Can you accommodate me?

Yes, we can accommodate all allergy or dietary concerns. Kara is well-versed in dietary needs and nutrition and can accomodate whatever they may be.


How many bait sites do you keep active during our stay?

From a month before you get to camp and right through the season, we run a line of 42 active bait sites, and visit them every day to every second day.


Will I hunt the same bait site for the duration of my stay?

Generally not. Rarely will we hunt a bait site 2 days in a row. The only time we'll do this is if we have a trophy size bear visiting that site. If we don't take him within 2 days, we'll assume he's moved on and we'll choose another of the many sites we have for you to hunt.


How many days is the hunt?

There is 5 days of hunting. By Thursday of most weeks, our guests have seen enough bears and have taken one, giving them the last day to relax around or video on their last day.


What are the logistics to getting to your camp?

You will fly to Winnipeg Saturday and stay overnight at one of our recommended hotels, or, you will fly to our camp on the Sunday and we'll pick you up. For those who are driving, you'll take the short 3 hour drive through Winnipeg to our camp. Follow the driving instructions, arriving in camp afternoon Sunday and will depart Saturday morning.


What size are your average bears taken?

Our average size bear is 5 1/2 to 6 feet, tipping the scale at 220-325 pounds. Of course some are bigger and some smaller. Our biggest bear to date was 8' 3" and though it was impossible to accurately weigh him, we say easily 500+ pounds plus which is not bad for a spring bear.


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