Thursday, November 11, 2010

New Blog!

This is the start of a weekly/bi-weekly blog to our new web site. I'm going to touch base on a lot of things going on up at camp and even away from our camp, for example: sport shows we'll be attending, and hunting personalities we'll be meeting there. I'll be keeping you informed on the construction going on in camp also.

First off, I'd like to share with you, a family hunting party from Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, that have become such good friends, that we will be attending Randel's son's wedding this weekend. Randel and his family have been coming to hunt with us since the first year we opened the camp. Originally we refered to them as the Family Dietze. Absolutely wonderful family in every way. We first met Randel in Green Bay where I told Jeannine, if we sold the last 3 remaining hunting trips, I'd treat her to a winter trip to Cuba. Well come the last half hour of the show, Randel walks up to us and says he wanted to book not, 1 hunt but 2. One for him and his son. When we got home from Green Bay, he'd already emailed us to inform us, he wanted 1 more hunt for his daughter. What a great surprise and wonderful winter holiday! Randel has brought his father Bruce up 3 times with him also. Bruce still holds Manitoba's crossbow record with one of the bears he's taken with us.

The Dietze family are quite picky on what they shoot and hold the camp record, of 3- 7' bears shot in one evening. Melissa, who was dating Randel at the time, shot the largest bear taken by a woman in Manitoba that year, the very same evening Bruce shot his bear. Incidently, that was Melissa's first bear ever.

We now call them "The 7' Club"!

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