The Experience

We are proud to have earned the reputation as Manitoba's premiere outfitter! We manage our 1,400 square miles along with our wildlife experts, helping to maintain Manitoba’s reputation for being the best-managed bear herd and conservation program in Canada. Guests enjoy observing 1-10 bears per evening hunt. You will hunt active bait sites and contribute to our 95% success rate. To date our hunters have experienced 100% shot opportunity!  We are fortunate to have 30%-40% color phase in our bears. Colors from black, chocolate brown and cinnamon to blonde, so we’re sure to find you the trophy you’re looking for.  You’ll be hunting our allocation of 1,400 square miles of pure remote bear habitat accessible by ATV, and boat. We are located in the middle of Manitoba’s famous Inter-lake region. This area is well known not only for the size of bears boasting exceptional skull size, but the highest density of bears in the province.


Once you arrive in camp and are settled in and have a full stomach, we’ll issue you your hunting license. After dinner you can relax in the dining hall, on the deck or by the fire and look forward to your hunt. After breakfast Monday morning we will head to the range to make sure your weapon is sighted-in and ready for the week. Rifle hunters can use our 100 yard range as much as they like, and bow-hunters are welcome to keep their shooting eye sharp at our archery range on a life-size bear. Each morning starts with fresh coffee and breakfast. After that, you will check the SD cards retrieved by the guides from the trail cameras and formulate a plan for the evening hunt. Lunch is served at 2:00. Hunters can expect to leave for the stand around 3:00 to 3:30.

Depending on your stand location the guides may check on you, but most likely the next time you see your guide will be at dark when they come to pick you up. Should you feel more comfortable with a means of contacting you guide, we can provide you with a radio . If you shot a bear when we come to get you we’ll go in and track your bear, shake your hand and take pictures of you with your trophy. Then load it up and get out of the bush. Once back at camp, there are stories of the evening’s hunt to share and bears to admire. There will also be a hot meal waiting on your arrival back at camp.  The following morning we skin your trophy, and prepare the meat, hide, and freeze them for transport. Once that’s done, we’re off to check baits, replenish and prepare to hunt again.